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Candle of Hope Foundation (COHF) is a Local Non-Governmental Organization registered in Kenya and Somaliland formed and led by Women to address the most pertinent issues affecting the vulnerable members of the communities in Kenya, and Somaliland in partnership with relevant government agencies, donors and respective stakeholders. The organization has been operational in Somaliland and Kenya since 2016 implementing humanitarian and development initiatives through community-initiated programs that enhance empowerment, sustainability and resilience. COHF promotes initiatives in various sectors including Health and Nutrition, Education, Livelihood, Governance (Peace Building, Women and Youth Empowerment) and Inclusive Initiatives targeting the Disabled persons.

COHF has its main offices in Nairobi (Kenya), and Hargeisa (Somaliland). COHF also has a well-developed management structure that consists of a Board of Directors, Senior Management Team (SMT) and Executive Director who provides overall leadership and oversight. Additionally, the organization has key program staff and support and operational personnel who are field based and engaged directly in effective implementation of programs/projects, coordination and liaison with relevant stakeholders under the leadership of Program Director.

COHF takes an all-inclusive approach to project implementation. We work with communities to identify core needs and seek ways and means of solving the issues identified. We are committed to meeting international standards of quality and accountability in all its activities. All programs are geared towards benefiting the target community in the long run without hampering progress none the less. COHF has a robust and dedicated team of professionals who undertake their tasks with zeal and enthusiasm aimed at setting and establishing standards that are a replica of efficiency and success. The organization has invested in policies as a guide for institutional operations, in specific with regards to our purpose, target beneficiaries, scope and what we expect to accomplish.