Rehabilitated water catchments with collection water


Cash for work activities plus unconditional cash transfer in Berbera district, Somaliland SUMMARY  Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Somalia and Candle of Hope Foundation,  jointly implemented Cash for work activities (CFW) Project in Berbera District, Wooqooyi Galbeed region, Somaliland. This commenced as planned with all stakeholders (Somaliland Ministry of Agriculture, [...]

Anti -Trafficking Issues


The project is about empowering and creating a space for women, and youth to advocate for their rights and strengthen their social organisations, focus on Women economic and political empowerment, reproductive health rights, FGM, and teenage pregnancy, and women and youth in combating of trafficking issues with focus on the prevention measures. ACTIVITY: [...]

Moyale Youth Peace Building Project


Projected period February- to March 2018 Donor: Private (Philanthropist) Project Description/Objective/Area Marsabit County borders Ethiopia to the north, Wajir County to the east, Isiolo County to the south, Samburu County to the southwest, and Turkana County to the west. Marsabit is composed of four sub-counties – Laisamis, Saku, North Horr, and Moyale – [...]

Farming in East of Burco: Wadamoo village


Location is Togdheer region of Somaliland; Candle of Hope Foundation is supporting the farmers in this region with skills training on irrigation farming and we are working in partnership with the owners of the farms to ensure that farmers are gaining skills of irrigation farming. This was done in partnership with Horn Gardens Company [...]

Population movement tract in drought affected regions of somalia in 2017


Somalia has experience many disasters including drought in 2017 and 2018. Somali migrants have also moved from their homes to urban areas and other countries because of the degradation of environmental conditions, which posed a threat to their livelihoods and even their survival. For example the pastoralists’ communities who are constantly in search of [...]

Women Empowerment Initiatives


Specifically designed to address the social economic needs of the youth and women with a focus on the marginalized communities. The special programs are tailor made to educate and inspire positive change for a better tomorrow for our youth and women. The women who attended our financial literacy seminar came up with income generating activities [...]

Life skills initiatives in schools and universities


Life skills are abilities and strategies for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life and children should be taught and facilitated to acquire life skills through schools. We are working with the schools and the local communities to strengthen these skills. Parents and communities [...]

School feeding initiatives


School feeding programs contribute to decreased hunger, which helps children concentrate on their studies. Such programs motivate parents to enroll their children in schools and alleviate short-term hunger in malnourished or otherwise well-nourished school children. This helps to increase the attention and concentration of learners, thereby producing gains in cognitive function and learning. Through our [...]

Hand washing initiatives


During the period between February and March 2017, we visited schools in Isiolo where children were being taught the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation and the implications of poor hygiene. We joined forces with the health teachers and took the children through a session of proper hand washing and general cleanliness. We also had [...]